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Cornerstone Ranches

Cornerstone Ranches is an amazing farming company. The major crops that they farm are apples, hops, and grapes! They were founded in 1897 and have been going super strong since then.

For this project, Cornerstone Ranches had requested a variation of hats and we provided them with just that! The blue and gray hats sport a super cool bordered patch right smack dab in the middle of the front panels. The black hat is the one that stands out the most as it features this rad plastic PVC patch! All of these hats are super comfortable and are ready to be well worn!

Custom patches are a great option when you have a need that goes beyond traditional embroidery. Custom patches can be created from any design you would like, whether it's the logo of your company or organization or a design that reflects your personal style. Our design team can work with you to create a patch that is just right for you.

We have multiple options for the material of patches, we are able to do leatherette patches, PVC patches, woven patches, or embroidered patches. For this project, we utilized woven and PVC patches, which are great options for durability and looks.

For any and all of your patch needs, please contact us here to inquire more about placing an order!

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Double Down Crossfit

Double Down CrossFit is an amazing gym where you're treated as more than just a member. At DDX your family and they prove that every step of the way. Working with DDX was a great experience and everyone working with us on this was a blast to communicate and create ideas with.

Custom patches can be made from a large variety of items and in any shape. Our custom patches are made from high-quality leatherette, which means that they look great when lasered and are very robust. Patches are a great option to display your company logo in a clean as well as stand-out way. In addition to showing your pride in your logo, custom patches also give you the opportunity to express yourself creatively through the shape of your patch.

Double Down wanted clean designs, we were able to work with them and get their designs embellished in multiple different ways. For this project, we did screen printing, full hat front lasered patches, and a custom tag over the edge of the beanie. In the end, we had a project full of great embellishment options and great-looking custom apparel!

If you are looking to create an order with multiple types of garments, as well as multiple decoration options, please contact us here!

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Eagle Asphalt

Eagle Asphalt Seal Coating offers the best protection for your asphalt. So, it is only natural that they would want to do the same for their crew! Thankfully, here at Logo Unlimited, we could do just that for them!

We used a very cool and unique black reflective ink. Reflective screen printing is a great way to add high visibility to your company's shirts. It's also a great way for your crew members to keep safe. Reflective inks are most noticeable in the dark, making designs visible by reflecting light back towards the viewer. This allows drivers and pedestrians to see your crew from all angles when they wear a reflective garment.

As your screen printer, we can print a variety of unique and different inks. Almost any garment can be printed on, from t-shirts to hoodies to jackets. We also offer an assortment of other materials that can be imprinted with ink as well. The world of custom inks is constantly changing, from color-changing ink all the way to water-activated ink. If you are curious about our specialty ink selection, please contact us here!

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Aegis Living

Aegis Living is a network of senior living communities that care for residents with attention to their individual needs. Each community offers a wide array of services to help its residents maintain assisted living or memory care. They had a large order of 2,500+ t-shirts that needed to be printed in time for an upcoming event. We were able to get this large order done and shipped on time for their 25-year anniversary.

We can help if you have a large anniversary event, fundraiser, or general event. Logo Unlimited specializes in coming up with a design in any color, size, and style. Our team of professionals will work with you to come up with a project that will fall within your budget, timeframe, and preferred style. We specialize in making bulk personalized products and printing them by or before your in-hand date. Please contact us here to inquire about your own order!

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This project was commissioned by Stemilt Growers! It started by screen-printing t-shirts and hoodies. This turned into playing with our abilities, and instead of lasering the leather patch, we screen-printed it! The screen-printed leather patches were embroidered on some cozy Northface and Eddie Bauer jackets. On top of these items, we also embroidered some hats with a big front-facing design and a small design on the right side of the hat.

Stemilt Growers came to us with a few ideas but were not sure what direction to go in. They wanted a unique option for patches, so we were able to screen print on faux leather patches to create a different look than all the other patches we do.

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Woodinville Chamber

On the 8th of June starting at 7 pm, the Woodinville Chamber hosted the annual summer 5k run. They have not been able to host this fun run since 2019 and wanted a unique t-shirt to commemorate this year's event. Logo Unlimited was not only happy to do this project, but to be one of the sponsors for the event!

We started off with our graphic designers and screen printing technicians figuring out what works for this shirt. After a few tests, we were able to determine the best sizing and technique to get this job done perfectly. The final design was an electric green t-shirt and the design was printed with neon pink ink. These shirts were handed out before the race, and made for some happy runners! (The dogs looked pretty happy too!)

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We here at Logo Unlimited love to provide #unlimitedoptions. One of our many options is a kit that you can make! You can use these kits for new hires, celebratory gifts, or just about anything that you can think of!

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of these clients who love to get this kit! They use this kit to help gear their new hires! It is full of a ton of goodies that we have customized and made personal!

These items were laser engraved, embroidered, screen printed, and dye sublimated!

There is a great variety of embellishment options in this custom kit we created. There is also a hoodie in this kit that takes advantage of multimedia, which is using 2 or more different forms of embellishment on one garment. Creating these kits for employees is a great way to get gear to new hires as it was used here, or just to show appreciation to your employees.

Logo Unlimited will gladly walk you through the process of creating your own swag kit, providing you with many options of products and embellishment options. Contact us here to get started on your own swag kit!

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Working with T-Mobile was an absolute blast! T-Mobile is a leader in 5G with America's largest, fastest, and most reliable network. T-Mobile was looking for some quick turnaround on some employee merch and wanted to make it special!

For this project, we laser etched the pocket of a bathrobe, the sleeve and left chest of a jacket, and some hard taco shells! On top of that, we also embroidered these super cool hats and for the CEO we made some custom shoes!

Logo Unlimited has been creating custom branded products from the start. We can brand anything and everything! We have unlimited options of products we can customize for you.

  • You can get your company name almost anywhere you think of: on t-shirts, hats, coffee mugs, pens, pencils, headphones, bottle openers, and lanyards just to name a few.
  • We also offer many kinds of technology accessories like USB flash drives, cell phone cases, BlueTooth speakers, and chargers/power banks so people will always remember who you are when they see your logo on these items.

This whole process was super cool and we would love to work with them again!

If there's something specific that you're looking for in terms of branding or customization options, feel free to contact us here!

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Highmark Espresso

Highmark Espresso is an up-and-coming addition to the local coffee game. Highmark Espresso is located in Snohomish, Washington. They are a very family-friendly establishment and they pride themselves on the amazing quality of their coffee. With over 20 beverage options and just as many food options, Highmark is the go-to for your morning caffeine run!

Highmark Espresso came to Logo Unlimited for clothing for their amazing team. Logo Unlimited satiated their need for custom clothing by providing some options for hoodies! We screen printed their logo on the center of the back nice and big. On the front of the chest, we condensed the logo to make it stand out when serving their customers!

When you choose Logo Unlimited as your custom product service, we’ll help you represent your business with the very best. Our team of experts will take the time to get to know your business and its needs so that we can match you with an embellishment option that suits your brand perfectly. We’re dedicated to ensuring that each piece of clothing we create for our clients looks great on everyone who wears it, and lasts for years to come.

If you need help with a logo design or other branding ideas for your company, please contact us here!

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Workblocks allows you to be connected easily with other professionals in your area. All you have to do is set your desired location to see who’s available for your next project! Workblocks makes getting things done super easy!

This project features a custom laser etched sweater pocket. These designs are also a part of the hood liner! The "workblocks" text was screen printed and their logo was embroidered! The designs were super fun to play around with and we loved working with them!