Both debossing and embossing are similar methods of embellishment that require a specially made metal die that is pressed into the garment. The differences between the two will be explained in detail below:

  1. Debossing: This process only uses one heated die. It presses from above into the garment leaving an indent. Depending on the garment, it actually may come out shiny leaving a minimalist shiny logo. This method is popular with polos for high-end companies.
  2. Embossing: This is the most common method of the two. We use two heated dies, one to press up from underneath and one above for it to press into and sandwich the garment in between. These heated dies form the garment into the shape of your design/logo.

These embellishment options are both great for subtlety or to bring your design to another level. You can use debossing as a unique, clean, and simple option for work uniforms. Embossing is a great option to add a 3D effect to your custom apparel that will make you stand out.

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