We offer multiple types of laser embellishment to bring a new level of precision to your custom projects, here are some laser options:

  1. Laser Engraving: Engraving is the process of burning away material and leaving a cavity where the design will lay. We use this method on wood products, leather, some plastics, and acrylics.
  1. Laser Etching: Etching is essentially lasering off the top layer of material to leave an imprint. We laser etch on metal water bottles, tumblers, can coolers, custom shipping boxes, fleece jackets, and more.

We can laser etch a custom 12-inch x 12-inch design on the entire left panel of a rain jacket, or laser etch an elegant wine glass with a custom design of your choice. Our materials range from delicate soft surfaces/fabrics such as synthetic fabrics and cotton. Our hard surfaces include glass bottles, cutting boards, shipping boxes, and mugs.

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