Embroidery is the timeless handicraft of decorating fabric, apparel, or other materials with a needle and thread. Our embroidery capabilities allow us to customize apparel to fit client needs. Often times we will combine Embroidery and laser etching to get a technique called Appliqué. We are always very interested to try new projects. 

Laser Etching/Engraving:

Laser Etching adds precision and elegance to apparel or any material applied. Our laser etching capabilities span much further than just apparel as we have the ability to etch on just about any surface. From delicate soft surfaces such as synthetic and cotton to rough surfaces such as glass bottles, cutting boards, sheet metals, etc. 

Screen Printing:

Screen Printing is the most widely used decoration technique. The majority of prints in our world today are made by using this technique. It requires separating each color and photographically transferring it to a very fine mesh screen so that nonprinting areas are blocked off and a "stencil" is made

Heat Transfers:

Heat Transfer Printing is the process of transferring vinyl, silicone, and a plethora of other substances to a garment using a heat press. Much consideration and care are taken when handcrafting this decoration process in-house. Transfer options: 3D, Cork and Concrete Textures, Metallic and Matte Silicone, and much much more

Dye Sublimation:

Dye Sublimation printing is a digital printing technology using full-color artwork that works with polyester and polymer-coated substrates. It is the method of applying an image to polyester cloth, blends where polyester is 50% or more, and specially coated products. There are no limits regarding color with dye sublimation.

Labels and Patches:

From woven, dye sublimated, and printed labels to embroidered, silicone, PVC, reflective to 3D textured patches, Logo Unlimited has unlimited options for you.  Let's take your brand/logo to the next level.

Promotional Products:

With our Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) affiliation, we have access to one of the largest databases of suppliers. We are able to provide you with the highest quality and most customizable products on the market.