Peter Pan came to us wanting a design that was unique to their processing facility in the Alaskan Peninsula. We worked with them to understand their vision of this design and we were able to make it happen. This artwork features a mix of sea life as well as an overlay of the Alaskan peninsula all combined into one stand-out, and amazing design. After years of working with Peter Pan, we have really learned to make their branding as unique as the company, all while making the process as stress-free as possible.

Another unique way to display your logo is laser etching or laser engraving, this option is very popular on water bottles and mugs. We are also able to laser etch fleece garments, fleece beanies, and many other types of jackets and hats (subject to testing on specific material). Lasering is a high-end option for displaying your logo on a variety of products.

If you are interested any of these embellishment options, please contact us here!