An easy way to think about this is as a photographic stencil process. A stencil is created and then is used to apply layers of ink directly onto a product. The result is the screen's image is transferred to the print surface. We have listed some of the coolest screen-printing techniques below:
  1. HD: HD Printing uses a special ink that will hold its shape. We print multiple layers on top of each other to get a design that is reaching off the print surface.
  2. Thermochromic: Simply put, this is a special ink that can change color. A change in temperature, usually cold to hot, will cause this ink to change color. It is a unique way to screen print that is sure to make your custom apparel and design stand out.
  3. Puff: Puff ink is another way to get your custom garments to really pop out. The special additive in this ink causes it to puff up after going through the drier. This is a great way to add depth to your custom apparel.
  4. Clear Gel: Clear gel is used in two ways. You can print directly onto the garment which will make your design more subtle, but obvious. The second way is to print clear gel over your whole already printed design or small details.
  5. UV: UV ink is yet another type of incredibly unique decoration. Usually, we use this to highlight small parts and lines of a design. When you encounter UV light, the whole design will come to life in a special way.

Screen printing is the most versatile decoration technique we offer. We utilize screen printing in many ways due to the number of factors that can be adjusted to reach the desired outcome. It has the ability to be used on a multitude of garments. Everything from hoodies, t-shirts, and long sleeves to cloth tote bags, sweatpants, shorts, work uniforms, safety vests, and more!

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